Sponsors-Shoreline Riders, Inc.

Shoreline Riders, Inc.



Shoreline Riders Drill Team Sponsors


         Tommyís Marine Supply & Service

         Gale Beauchamp Realty

         Caito Fisheries Incorporated

         Kemppe Liquid Gas Corporation

         Andrea Shafir & Michael Volk

         Mandee Barvits

         Kathy Andrews

         Stephanie Rambolt

         Gary Swanson

         Fort Bragg Diesel

         Rossiís Building Materials

         Bob and Barbara Bruce

         Tom and Julie Estes

         Cas and Rosemary Smith

         Nancy Swithenbank

         Colombi Management

         Roderick McMillen, DDS

         Tony Wasley

         Jerry Mitchell

         Fort Bragg Transmission

         Davidís Deli

         Sharon Galliani

         John Griffiths

         State Farm Ė Carol Milsap

         Holmes Lumber

         Mary Phy

         Judy Valado

         Bob Champman

         Roger Schrum

         Tom Wilson

         Tom Fiack

         Tonya Miller

         Mary Heister

         Linda Stephens

         Linda Force

         Nancy Shaw

         Kathy Charters

         Pilar Gray

         Seely Beeman

         Julie Cho-Polizzi

         Micky Munoz

         Farmers Insurance  - Rick & Susie Friar

         Mendocino Sports Club

         North Coast Tire Inc.

         Hobby Horse Shirts

         Riata Leather



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